Why do I need a Survival Kit?

   Survival Kits are a great way to stay prepared for whatever life throws your way. It's packed with the essentials to help out during the toughest times. We have a kit for every type of natural disaster, car troubles, or even for animals! 


 Do you have a guarantee/warranty?

 SurvivalSupplyGear.com has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If there is an issue with your product, contact us within 30 days of product receipt, and we will give you details on the return/exchange.


How can I contact SurvivalSupplyGear.com?

You can call us at (800) 992-7864 or email us at Michael@SurvivalSupplygear.com.


Do you manufacture your own products?

The majority of products we sell have been carefully designed and manufactured by us, with the end customer in mind. For products that we don't produce, we partner with manufacturers that have the same vision and commitment to quality. We are constantly in varying stages of developing new products as well. If you have a special request for a product you don't see, let us know.


How soon does SurvivalSupplyGear.com ship out orders?

We are dedicated to shipping all orders we receive as fast as possible. We usually ship all orders within 48 hours but we usually claim 2-5 business days just to be safe.